Graphic Design

Intelics™ team will support you with Graphical and Technical design of your vision to bring the best user experience to your solution.

Today the visual presentation is as important for the success of a product as the product itself. The aesthetics are making the initial impression to the clients and therefore it is essential to have high standards in this area. The combination of high quality visuals, memorable presentation, functional ergonomics and technical optimisation is a unique task that requires a dedicated team of professionals in various areas of expertise.

Our experienced graphic designers and technical graphical experts will help you develop unique and memorable visual identity of your product that follows you ergonomic requirements and meets the technical challenges of hardware.

Idea sketches:
Initial set of images that are establishing the foundations of your design. You are going to direct the development of the visuals of your project by approving the most appropriate for you variant.

Concept renders:
You can see how your product will look before it is done. A high quality still depiction of the product will be created that will establish the quality requirements for the final project.

Motion Design:
Having outstanding graphical design is not enough. The visuals have to go hand in hand with the motion. An animated model will be created to breathe life into your project.

Functional Prototype:
Putting everything together into a fully animated and functional PC prototype is an essential step before committing to the final realisation.