Toolchain, DSL and Framework Development

Intellics™ Framework

Data Abstraction and Modeling

Target Platform

HMI Development Flow

The mising link in embedded HMI development

By the powerful means of our framework you can easily manage data coming from the underlying data providers (either communication messages data or data abstraction library output), configure events handling and define functions to process, bind and interact with the HMI model.

All underlying abstraction of data presentation, data or function binding and code generation - the intellics framework is handling that in a fully transparent manner.

We create that missing chain of linking both data and presentation part of your application and let you just adding value to your customer by focusing on their needs and wishes.

Concerning the HMI model handling we will define together with your customer team the needed states and views, critical events and data you have to handle and needed reaction transitions.

Intellics framework will also generate business logic as executable code that can easily be integrated in the target system build process.

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